Door Moulding Kit: Install It For Interior Door

Door moulding kit – Installing moulding kit for interior doors is actually a fairly simple task and will often only take you about an hour to do. Just follow these simple instructions to make sure you get the job done right. Firstly, measure and trim the top. Take a piece of prefabricated kit door molding and cut a 45 degree angle at one end of the piece so three. This is call with a fermentation section, and can easily be done with a fermentation case.

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When cut door moulding kit, hold it in place on top of the door with the small end of the cut on the edge of the door. Make a mark on the other end of the wood, on the inner edge of the door. Repeat the 45 degree fermentation section using this mark as a starting point. Second, measure and trim the sides. Repeat the same process for side sections of the door, with just a slight change. Instead of cutting a 45 degree fermentation section at both ends of the casting, just do it on the side that will be on the top of the door. Remember to reverse directions for the angle you cut on each piece.

So that you can attach a piece of door moulding kit on each side of the door. Last, attach casting. Start installing door moulding kit by starting at the top of the door. To make sure you get the perfect level. Have a friend help keep the molding in place and make sure it is in flight with the frame. While holding it in place, use # 6 treatment nail to attach trim to door posts. And # 8 treatment nails to attach trim to any spikes. Repeat the process of page trim as well.

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